Hilarious – Hackers in Apex Legends Caught on Stream + What can Respawn do?

I had a wild game this weekend where I spectated one of the hackers that plagued the games for many people, what can respawn do about it?

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  1. Winner of the 1000 Apex coins from last week shown at the end of the video! Make sure to subscribe, like and comment to enter to win this week!
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  2. After burning too much time on scam websites, I want to save other's time and energy and because the only web app that worked is Gamecrook.

  3. Hackers are a blessing in disguise. This game deserves to die since Respawn simply sees it as a cash grab. And yeah, I'm tired of Respawn apologists, they're shit.

  4. didn't know that the speedhacks need to be in sync with the game servers or somethnig

  5. I have clip of speed hacking on my random squad. Where can i send you ? Thanks..😁😁

  6. im just glad respawn is willing to do what they can to help gameplay, shows how they are so dedicated to the community

  7. Funny how bad the cheater was, they always suck without hacks, mans didn't even heal XD

  8. Not to be rude but how do you die with hecks on omg that so stupid
    Edit: I'm glad he die but it so stupid for whatever he was doing

  9. I bet he got like 80 report I'm 20 sec that so stupid why are you hacking for the in the first place it so stupid

  10. After finding out that I was fighting a hacker I dropped my shield in lava and also jumped in it

  11. Literally keep seeing the same hackers for the past 2 weeks in predator lobbies. Some pred hackers for the past 3 months. Hackers shouldn't be able to get past 10 games let alone 100 or even 1000 games without ban. Respawn literally just needs 1 person to review hacking reports yet they don't care enough to even do that. It's destroying their population and game smh.

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