House of Torment Map Actually Scared Me | Fortnite Creative by Relatable

House of Torment Map Actually Scared Me | Fortnite Creative. This map by Mr. Relatable actually made be jump a few times! A great scary halloween map for Fortnite and Fortnitemares!

MAP CODE: 6003-4995-1704

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  1. Do you know how i can make flickering lights on the ceiling?

  2. I was wondering if you can try my horror map. It’s a lot scarier. The trailer is on my channel. Reply if interested.

  3. Mustard I just made a horror map and I'd love it if you made a video about it the code is: 5728-1612-2987

  4. Hey Mustard Plays, I know u probably wont answer me but, will there ever going to be a double pump LTM? Just for nostalgia and fun. Great content btw.

  5. Ah good ol' classic Mustard jump scares! Another great video man. I'm enjoying these since I can actually watch them!

  6. Can you try out my map my friends said it was generally scary haha?

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