How Do I Play PUBG Mobile Game with Keyboard & Mouse? – No Banning

In the last video I showed you a controller for mobile game. This gadget is Non-simulator connection, which won’t amend official game data.This video is a tutorial showing how to set up the game controller.
Mobile game controller:
Watch this video and you’ll find a new world of fun. This controller can be used in PUBG mobile, Fortnight and so on.
When playing PUBG mobile, the technology give me a wonderful experience.
I was…


  1. Those guys completely destroyed this game for touch screen users who can't move, aim, jump and shoot at the same time…

  2. Yeah, having a ‘better experience’ by ruining the game for everyone. You are pathetic.

  3. Why not just go play pubg on pc. Do people just need an advantage over other players cause they suck.

  4. does it give any lag between the phone and monitor display? how about the sight for the mouse does the cursor remains there like in the video i could not see any player sight movements using mouse. so how to control the mouse using the software?

  5. I played for two years even before gamesir's x1 battle dock made any kind of partnership with pubg mobile and it was already necessary to enable "usb debugg" to use the device. I have NEVER been banned and never heard of anyone who used to be banned using the X1 battle dock(always paired with mobile players). Can you say with certainty that Mirascreen x10 will not be banned in the same way as gamesir x1 battledock? For gamesir remains totally 100% safe. The mirascreen x10 at this time would be very useful for me because it is all in one equipment (keyboard, mouse, HDMI,etc)
    And forgive me for quoting the name of another product. I guarantee im not doing any merchan, just making sure not to buy a product before making sure it's safe.

  6. You will get banned 100%. It’s not hard to tell when you’re using a mouse/keyboard in gameplay. Only takes 1 report and you’re done.

  7. Guys , this method still have to left click hold mouse to move around

  8. why not just play PUBG PC what a stupid … this item is for handicap gamer not a dumb player that feel their want to win easy..

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  10. I do everything as on the video
    but what am I doing wrong?

    with me does not connect to the pc
    can someone help me please

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