How Fortnite Hacks got my Computer HACKED…


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  1. Why don't you use a dummy PC for this ? Or a virtual machine or virtual box

  2. 2 step isn't as secure as you might think. the new threat is something called sim swapping. let me explain what this is.

    think of someone taking control of your phone number. this is exactly what this is. sim swapping, also known as "port out scamming" is done by calling your victims carrier, something like T-Mobile, AT&T, or VZW, posing as your desired target and pretending that you've lost your phone and that you want your number switched over to a new sim card. by letting the conversation flow through on the phone with an employee, you can get someones number ported to an extra sim card you have laying around in minutes. this is extremely easy to do and it doesn't take much time at all. at that point, you will be able to reset the password for anything that has the victims number linked.

    there is a way to make 2 step verification a little more secure though. you can set up a google account with 2 step verification and make a google voice. install google voice on your device and then every time you try to log into an account with 2 step verification, the code will be sent to the google voice number instead of yours.

  3. 6:20 Don't have to do that, just turn off your computer's WiFi/unplug ethernet than open up Anti Virus and do a full scan, it's easy you don't have to turn off your computer and burn your harddrive lol

  4. Like ligit youtube went down and it removed all videos for 1h then it came back up

  5. Yo James do you have an antivirus with real time protection ?

  6. I'm sorry to say but you got what you deserved this is PC not console man people don't mess around.

  7. Oh man that fucking hacker. I love your vids I'm sorry about you account and pc 🙁

  8. Add me Godly, Lynic#6226 I have a server which ill let you join, my friend has a fortnite dll, which it works but he's making an injector for it, I'll give you the cheat for free<3

  9. Dude you should learn how to write your one scripts so this doesn’t happen

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