How GodsNerf Became the #1 Ranked Player in the World! (Apex Legends)

Apex Legends #1 Ranked Player in the World.. GodsNerf!

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  1. God beast mode should take 1st grade again so he can learn to spell, and gramamer. (yes I see the irony)

  2. When he showed the leaderboard i thought it was corny

  3. Pred was so easy to get back then 1krp and now it’s like 13k good times

  4. Why does this dude hate Americans so much? I get the dude was a douchebag but why throw hate on the rest of us??

  5. I think I’m good but then your saying that a pred is bad and now I’m doubting my self

  6. On behalf of the American player base I would like to apologize for our troglodyte cousin. He doesn't know any better do to the fact his mother drank to much moonshine while pregnant with him so his brain didn't fully develop.

  7. I got in a lobby with him last year randomly lol he didnt accept my friend request feels bad

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