How GTA 5 Cheat Codes Work – IGN Plays

We show you how to get drunk, spawn a plane (or helicopter), punch people until they explode, and then lower your wanted level to zero.

And here’s a text list to post:

You must enter the GTA 5 cheat codes on the gamepad, much like classic GTA games. Use the D-pad to enter the directional commands (LEFT, RIGHT etc.). These codes must be input fairly quickly. A small confirmation will appear above the map and trophies will be disabled.

Check out (and add to) our full list of cheats HERE:…


  1. I can't believe the cheat codes don't in GTA 4 they would save in your phone..does it really not save in gta5? What happened to Rock star…🤦🙅🏽

  2. when it says left or right does it mean left or right on one of the sticks, or left or right on the d-pad?

  3. I tried the weapon cheat on xbox 360 didn't work. Only spawn sanchez and weather cheats work. How do I fix this?

  4. When I'm on gta 5 story mode for some reason when I jump out of a plain he just falls and oesnt active his parachute

  5. This version is so outdated. Here is the latest version of the hack all you need to do is to search "rivaloguides" on google.

  6. Do you get money if you finish missions wiith cheat, because its allways X in boxes and i never got money with cheats on

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