How I Got My 1MIL VBUCKS ACCOUNT "Landon_" Back.. (Fortnite)


  1. HEY #NOTIFSQUAD.. I CANT BELIEVE THIS FINALLY HAPPENED.. let me know what you think about this partial unbanning and the 1mil vbucks. enjoy

  2. Landon I'm a fan of you can you gift me something from the iteam shop my username is:Į5MAEEL

  3. I got banned in season 7 and it’s been a year and I still don’t know what I did wrong

  4. This is a message which I want to say to Landon
    Landon I'm a fan of u and I also subscribed to u and I have seen many youtubers that they tell to use their code in the item shop and u are one of them who says it and u say that u gift skins and emotes and all but I haven't got any gifts and I think u are lying and Im not saying that u are a bad person or a liar or anything I just want to see proof that u actually gift people and I want to see a video which is based on showing the proof that u gift people things from the item shop u can just gift me or gift someone something from the item shop and I always wanted to get a gift which has skins and rare emotes

  5. Hey um. I’m actually a epic games employee. The reason we banned your epic account is because of something that is broken on the software system that if you go over 1 million Vbucks it will ban u for some reason. We have fixed it don’t worry. And we unbanned it. So you have a good day. Sorry for the issues of your account. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  6. Nobody he only changed his name i hi changed his name look first at the v bucks and then its the same

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