How i make my guns have No Recoil in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends how to make your guns have no recoil!

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  1. Thanks no shared your video with my friend who aren't very good at this game thanks bro

  2. Why do u have all the best attachments you should do no attachment so when u do have attachments u don’t miss a shot

  3. What about PC I've seen people use the havos with little to no recoil from medium range yet me pulling down on the mouse isn't really helping

  4. Me having stick drift: gets a shot in the farthest target aight thats enough for the week

  5. Agree.Although I'm not a good player,but after I have spent quite some time in fire range,and also keep landing on skull town or something,I start to build up something.

  6. Alright, you've won my sub, how you can give some pretty decent advice on how to get good and responded to the kid and tried to get him a win was amazing.

  7. Dude you are so full of shit and you defending the strike pack makes it even more obvious that you use one.

    The strikepack mods allow you to save 4 weapon profiles to the controller/strikepack, it’s not just a universal anti-recoil mod, but I’m sure you already know that. Now even if all the anti-recoil mod does is pull the recoil downwards.. THAT’S MORE THAN ENOUGH, making it so you don’t have to wrestle the recoil on these weapons, and being able to worry more about your movement and strafing goes a super long way in this game. On top of that the strikepack comes with multiple other cheats/mods such as; extra aim assists, “snap” shotting and flick mods, instant turn arounds, rapid-fire, and so on.

    Do yourself a favor and show a handcam of your controller.

  8. So your saying that i should keep doing risk? And ill get use to it and be better thats what your saying right?. And i play on ps4 is there a way to move around when you loot?

  9. at least you offer a way to get better, all the other apex tubers just trying to sell shit xD

  10. weird i beam better now than ever with the 301 and especiallty the flatline for some reason

  11. Bro the Cascades was destroyed in season 3 how the fuck it's still there in s4 or s5 howw

  12. Thanks Zeus! I'm going straight to the driving range to improve my game. I play semi regular with my son and brother (who actually works in the gaming industry) so I am always the weakest link. Hoping to up my game with this!!

  13. Your explaination is good but i dont know if u are doing a good voice over the video or if u are on a coffe hype plz slow down the movement when u are talking. Some things are getting destroyed with this hyped running back and forth in the firing range. In a game fine its a match but why are u constantly running around like a rabbit on drugs in the firing range? U are making me think of movement tutorial. Your talking is on the recoil but your video is showing me a movement video.

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