How SCUF Helps You Win at Apex Legends Battle Royale | SCUF Gaming

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment is a refreshing new take on the Battle Royale genre, combining the satisfying gunplay of Titanfall, a class-based abilities system and an innovative communication system.

With 10 million players racked up in the game’s first 72 hours, that means there’s a long line of people to pass on the way to the top—and if you’re serious about showing everyone what real Legends are made of, then you should see how using a SCUF controller can help you get…


  1. Pay to Win Then your really not a Legend. Its basically just steroids, any player that uses these controllers are pathetic and shouldn't be allowed to play the game.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 only scrubs need them I play on default and high sense and wreck everyone sad how this is allowed

  3. Hey would anybody know what to recommend for the triggers and bumpers should you stick with default / trigger stops/ or digital tap

  4. If you take a normal controller and put paddles on it it should cost 100$ not god dam 180$

  5. Go to settings and go to gameplay then press “ninja” and you literally will never need to use the back paddles ever

  6. This seems more like a crutch for people who just want to get wins quickly without any real challenge or learn to operate in the game without any advantage

  7. The L3 doesn't let me like run or anything Scuf is broken it costs a lot of money like the controllers just bad

  8. Scuff vantage is trash I’ve been having the worst things happen with this controller like buttons get stuck on first day trash stay with a regular controller sax buttons are awkward I hate this controller so much

  9. If you like to skert skert aka slide a lot then this is not the controller for you. I have had this controller for 6 months and have broken 2 back paddles

  10. Ive been looking for A Scuf for The last year But just cant Get one.

  11. Hey man love the collabs you do with Ali a keep it up it's my 2 favorite YouTubers in one

  12. I tried to enter the giveaway for the alia scuf controller but it doesn't work. I subbed to you and did three of the things on the list but it didn't work so please may you add me to the giveaway

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