How To Activate Aimbot In Apex Legends (BEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS for PS4, XBOX and PC)

Do you want to legally have Aimbot in Apex Legends? Well this is the video for you! Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already!

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  1. Ive been wanting to try 6-4 for a hot while now, but im way too comfy with 5-5, im nervous lol

  2. You and Raddimor in rev ult is gross they had no fucking chance and i rock 6 4 steady

  3. I used to be Advanced Look Controls too then went back to 5-3 Classic. Now I am trying Linear but at 6-3. Linear needs Large Deadzone for me as Small makes my cursor move a little bit. If your controller is good, then maybe Linear can still be small for other people. But yeah, Linear does things to your deadzone which you need to change depending on how new or old your controller is. In the future, I might go to 6-4 overtime, but I just want to be as accurate as possible when Aiming Down Sights.

    Controller settings will be different for everyone. It is best not to try to change it too much, but once you find the right settings. Sticking with it will see improvements. I've never played an entire season with Linear so it still a learning curve for me. Advanced Look Controls was fun but I did better with it on Console and PC not so much. That why I went Linear for the time being.

    Great video by the way.

  4. idk if you knew AJ but this is the same sens that Calamiti used when he was on controller before he switched to ALC except he played on linear response curve (raw input). Great minds think alike I guess.

  5. hey aj can you learn us your movement ?? cause you're sooo good at that and so good in everything

  6. God damn the intro, and the aimbot? My mans stepping the game up. Great vid Aj.

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