HOW TO AVOID TAKING DAMAGE IN APEX LEGENDS! (5 Tips to Dodge Bullets During Gunfights!)

In today’s video I will show you How To Avoid Taking Damage in Apex Legends! I have 5 Tips to help avoid bullets and ultimately dodge shots during gunfights. This will definitely help you win more gunfights in apex legends and give good chances to knock many players at a time. This advance movement guide will help you move more freely to avoid taking damage on xbox and ps4. Console can play slightly different than PC, so these tips will be focused for console players. These movement tips…


  1. If ur a bit late on sultans video he will pin it lets put it to the test
    Ps i die thanks for this vid now ill blast em

  2. I used his first tip on an enemy i lasered he didn't even have time to react the second I landed because I was pretty high up in the air probably above his screen where he couldn't see me

  3. amazing video , but dont you think crouch shooting can give the opponent more chances of landing a headshot on you ?
    Im just confused , i might be wrong ,
    i face difficulty in landing a headshot so most of the time i just shoot at their body and there have been situations in which the opponent did this method of crouch shooting and i got a free headshot kill like that easily .

  4. 1. Shoot

  5. Why on 2:35 is so funny!!! I JUST THOUGHT OF IT. He opens the door knock down the octane and the life line and he runs out climbs the building and sit there look at the Watson comes out saying “MY BABIES LOOK HAVE WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO MY BABIES” then the life line and octane comes like “MAMA MAMA MAMA I’M HURT!!” Then Watson go back inside and says “Get in my children”

  6. How do people play that good on controller? I have ps4 and I suck so much in fps.

  7. Just found your vids started to get back onto this game out of all the YouTubers that has made tips vids urs has got to the best keep it up !!

  8. Everybody gangsta until u meet players that move like dizzy and aceu

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