How to Change your Epic Games Email / Fortnite Email – New Method (2020)

New Way to Change your Epic Games Email or Fortnite Email, through Epic Games Support Service, Basically as you guys can see, this is an Easy way to change your Epic Games Email Address.

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  1. I have my epic games account but I can’t change my email cause I lost my other phone it can’t identify my new phone

  2. If some of you are playing in Nintendo Switch. You don't get an email from epic games telling you your receipt. If that is the case, you can contact the employees. It worked out with my account.

  3. Just asking when they send security code do they send to the one i wrote in or the current one i have?

  4. The email I used for my epic account was fake and now I can’t change it cause I need a verification code

  5. Who else created their account thinking they wasnt going to like the game till now 😹

  6. What I need help with is my gmail info I added a school gmail butttt the school has epic and Fortnite blocked so I’m guessing it isn’t sending a code to it

  7. if i do this method does it delete my skins or do i still have this account but with a different email

  8. I never thought I will get access to my locked FORTNITE not until a friend introduce me to a hacker ,who helped me , he's the best in verification and recovery… WhatsApp him if you need any help …+1605-368-1451

  9. I have my ps4 linked to my old email,which got deleted.Will I lose my skins if I do this?do I have to change my email on the ps4 too?please help,I wanna have a safe account

  10. Thanks man i forgot my password and i was moving from plat forms soon (ps5) and i thought i would not have my skins

  11. I can play the game fine but I don’t remember my email and pw, and I wanna activate 2FA so I can buy my friends stuff. Help!?

  12. when i first downloaded fortnite i hade a option to add a email but i didnt and now i already have a account but how do put a email on that account without losing my progress?

  13. Can someone plz tell me what to do I emailed epic and they didn’t say anything to me what should i do I tried to change my email btw to enable 2fa

  14. I put a email on my grandmas phone and I typed her email and her password because I didn’t have mine and it put a number in my epic name and I need this to help me I can’t play fill or anything I can only play normal fortnite with friends or people I can trust so I can play😭

  15. I can’t find the website I need help🥺😭

  16. I have the same problem I misspelled my email I can’t verify i’m lucky I’m still able to login to the account though Xbox epic help me change my email please and thank you 🙏 to the right one

  17. bruh i had 2fa in my account and someone changed my email for my account

  18. You need to be logged in to contact them, and for the second method, if u need to change ur email since u cant log in, how the hell do we contact epic?

  19. Yo if you are chancing Your email adress are you going to miss Your fortnite account tho? 🙂 my english is pretty bad sry

  20. I cant confirm the change because i dont have access to my email right now but i want to change it

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