How to Complete Mixed Madness by Mikkelrh Fortnite Creative Guide

How to Complete Mixed Madness by Mikkelrh Fortnite Creative Guide. This is a super fun Fortnite creative map with parkour a dropper, speed deathruns and trivia!

MAP CODE: 7672-7897-5323

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  1. I don’t think there is any spawn protection any more I tried it and I kept dying from fall damage

  2. black knight was max tier which was tier 70 at the time so the reaper was technically the first tier 100 skin

  3. Yo. My friend and I just created a sick escape map. It would mean so much to us if you would try it out. Thanks man. 1245-0482-5589.

  4. The map creator was right cuz I'm from season two and black night was tier 70 like if you are an og or like the og skins

  5. The Reaper was the first tier 100 skin. In season 2, there were 70 tiers.

  6. After the tree parkour you can just jump on the door and the to the roof in the first part

  7. Oh my god! I freaking am done with everyone got all my bouncer in front of it but one I finish the parcour and I'm boating to the middle but my freaking boost boost me into the black part and I lose my bouncer ٩( 💢•̀ з•́)و

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