How to Complete the Remedy vs. Toxin Challenges FAST in Chapter 2 | Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin GUIDE

In this video, I go over how to complete all of the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges FAST, also known as the Chapter 2 Overtime challenges, in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 1, so the viewer can learn how to get the limited-edition styles for the Remedy vs. Toxin skin FAST.

In this video, I go over everything that there is to know about the new Chapter 2 Overtime challenges, known as the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges, which recently came to Fortnite. In the video, I go over what all of the rewards to…


  1. The visit difference bus stop did not work I did it in a single match it wasn't working

  2. So Wierd , i did them all , still it says 90% on the top lader when i go to the mission bar.

  3. I hope the purple Logo on Remedy is the theme for the other overtine skins.
    Almost like they are from a secret unknown organization that hasnt been revealed until now

  4. Thank you for making this a pretty quick video ily 🥰

  5. I completed all my challenges in 1 day and I was on tier 24 to 81. I only have the Prestige Stretch levels, this was 2 days ago btw

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