How to defeat the Oppressor Mk2! – GTA Online guides

In this video I do some research on the most effective and safe ways to defeat/kill/takedown/humiliate Oppressor Mk2’s I look at a variety of different vehicles, stretegies and weapons that people can attempt and come up with an effective solution to the Mk2 pandemic!

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  1. What about the new submarine, can it’s missiles mixed with its underwater abilities kill the oppressor

  2. well, i use the heat seeking thing, and when playing against it i get obliterated, even if i jump out

  3. Kinda late to the party, but the most successful way to get rid of any Oppressor Mk. 2 that I have found and I use is to use a stromberg because it takes more than one rocket to destroy

  4. If they made the jet and helicopter missles track more aggressively just like the oppressor the oppressor griefers would cry broken

  5. Fully loaded ruiner 2000 is my go to broomstick hunting method the only problem is if a godmode speedo van appears or a crew of snipers get you you're fucked as you can't go passive to escape the spawn kills I had a godmode van noob with a spoofed name on ps4 "H1985Dan" grief me 10-0 and call me a pussy noob can't kill me 10-0 Lzzz to which I got the score to 10-1 after using the rc tank to shoot him out and said what was that…? NOOB! when he was texting then he jumped in how own rc tank and wouldn't come out of it until he seen me on the map and could spawn his mk2 killed me once more and trash talked about how he was so good and I rebutted "you are in godmode gabe itch broomstick boy“ had a two hour chase around in an moc with him laying mines and me trying to stay ahead of him to shoot him out the front window got it up to 14-7 (he suicides at least 30 times with a rocket launcher) and he was still saying how good he was even though every time he got killed he went ghost and ran straight back to his nightclub to get godmode again and I reminded him how much of a no skill mongo gimp he was and that I had more kills without godmode I swear down the guy aggravated me so much if I could jump through the screen and stomp his head in I would have in a heart beat

  6. I had been in the air and before he got on the thing i jumped out
    He was on 90° ok the right and shot it immedietly he didt eben locked on to me when i was in my akula in stealth mode
    They could just say in stealth mode cant be locked on to and every air Vehicle shoukd get chaff/flaires (if they would work) and ground vehicles emp or the heavier slow vehicles smoke bombs where you cant be locked on or see anything

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