How to do the SBMM Glitch on Apex legends on all systems!

Hey guys I’ll show you how to do the SBMM Glitch which should be the same method to use on Xbox, PS4 & PC. If you liked be sure to Like, Subscribe & Follow for more Apex content, THANKS 😉



  1. friend this can cause ban? do you and your friends keep doing this glitch? have any of you guys ever been banned?

  2. does my friend need to be in a pub match/ lobby, does it work if hes in a ranked match

  3. This doesn’t work as of season 4. I’m trying everything i can to find a new method but if you could find one that’d be much appreciated

  4. This was patched with the Grand soiree drop. LTMs don't have sbmm also

  5. It doesnt work on pc, works on ps4 and xbox but not on pc, id appreciate it if you could find a way to make it work on pc

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