How to download and install FIFA 19 Pc for free 2019

hi guys today iam going to show you how to install fifa 2019

FIFA 19 game details
FIFA is back and better than ever with FIFA 19! The UEFA Champions League is back and now the game offers even more enhanced gameplay tools that will give you more precision and control than ever before. You can also play through the story of Alex Hunter in The Journey: Champions, a new type of career mode. System requirements for FIFA 19 will be updated as soon as they are announced by EA.

Here are the…


  1. Hey man.. is it necessary to keep the antivirus off even after installing the game??

  2. hey man, i installed everything and its giving
    but it bugs at the second page and doesnt go forward.
    plz need some help

  3. hey man,please the follow up instructions here was not so bright… could you be so kind and help to teach me on how to set it up again…

  4. FIFACONFIG doesn't work, please tell me how to modify the config

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