How to Drift in GTA 5 Online | Full In-Depth Drifting Tutorial (No Cheats/Mods)

Hours on hours of sideways research have gone into crafting this ultimate GTA V & GTA V Online drifting tutorial to help you become the next Drift King! There is lots of theory to learn so you’re able to apply this to your drifting! Practice makes perfect; you may not get to grips straight away so have patience! Oh and it was done entirely without cheats or mods and done entirely in GTA Online.

Download the Drift Training track:

Stance/Lower your car…


  1. I can't buy every upgrade my Banshee, I'm level 21, can I drift like you or I absolutely need these upgrades ?
    And I'm playing on pc so I don't understand anything lmao perfect

  2. Thank god I play pc on fivem this looks like trash lmao just buy a pc n stop struggling

  3. I first watched this video a week after it came out, now I’ve almost mastered drifting most cars

    Thank you for this video

  4. I have xbox and do not know how to download this map? I am at the location. Can anyone let me know what I am missing?

  5. I found it useful but I can’t do it can you add me so you could assist me I play on xbox

  6. Normal People: Plays GTA and have fun with missions etc.

    Wise Guy: Fucking Drifting like a God

  7. Or if your lazy like me Scandinavian flick and handbrake as needed along with stock suspension I have been able to use a stock futo a sandy shores police car lspd car dukes and more those are easy to learn how to use low horsepower build your way up

  8. Even doing the first step of the drifting is hard
    but i am inspired as hell cuz

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