How to Drop / Parachute FASTER and FURTHER in PUBG Mobile – Top Strategy Revealed!!!

Want to beat everyone else to that super popular looting spot like Pochinki, Military Base, or School? Then you need to know the fastest way to get out of the plane and onto the ground!

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  1. Incorrect method brother, we can land faster than the method you told. Head straight down and shift diagonally towards the target when you're near your target and still at a considerable altitude.

  2. The players don't float do they? Why say float. You mean fall. Look up floating in the dictionary.

  3. if I see somebody without a gun, I let them go until later in the game. Nobody ever lets me go though. The relief they have when they see me and I walk away is awesome.

  4. 1 Tip tho: Onc eur clearly above ur target and just rotate ur charcter not the joystick but the screen just keep on doing that and the results will be Insanely good

  5. The fastest way to drop was wrong. You got the looking straight up part right but you have to look straight down a bit earlier while aiming your joystick to your destination as well(sideways, if u get what i mean).

  6. This video makes sense, but I can't be completely sure that I'll land first even if I do this.
    Well, if you were to time the drop, from when you drop out of the plane till you land in the destination, this method is obviously faster.
    But if you eject before white line becomes 90° to the white line, you're still going down during which in the other case, you're still on the plane waiting for it to go the closest possible point. So you gotta see other scenarios I feel.

  7. This is pure bullshit! This is not the fastest way to approach to the desired target. I won't explain why… just watch other videos on this topic and you'll know.

  8. Well i see that when u aim up then you fly with 126 kmph speed.. I can do the same but while aiming just in front of me, not down or up. Can you tell me the difference?

  9. If you want to hit the ground 10-15 seconds before the other guy. Wait till 600m then go down sideways. You travel at 180k/h then at 135 away look straight down. It will take about 35m to go from sideways to straight down. And you will pick up speed, that speed will pull you to the ground faster. And then aim for your mark. If done correctly you will be pin point and arrive faster. I learned this from TalkToHand. Good luck and happy Murdering.

  10. Hey Derek, Nice video! Btw, why do some people drop sideways? I don't get it, does that really benifit them?

  11. Nobody knows my method, and it literally gets me down faster then everyone 99% of the time and the 1% people land almost same time as me.

  12. I do this I only get barely 1200 and the glide one only gets me half way maybe 600

  13. the 90degree thing wont always work because when flying in the plane, u never get any closer to the ground, there is a waving method or a "sideways dab" one that is much more efficient

  14. Try to jump on the airplane when the distance of your destination is 1,500 to 1,600 meters

    Always works for me and I am alwaays the first one to land

  15. This is outdated now sadly… check out his channel for a more recent video which he does pretty much every PUBG update.

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