How to Earn RP (Royal Pass Rank) FASTER in PUBG Mobile – Which Game Mode is Fastest for the Mission?

Unless you feel like spending a lot of real money, gaining levels in the new Royal Pass system in PUBG Mobile can feel like a grind. Today I show you a simple strategy on how different game modes can help you complete certain missions way easier.

Don’t forget about the Royal Pass CRATE you receive for completing 10 missions:

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  1. my RP 25 in season 12 will it be 0 in season 13 and and what will happen to my skin guns? I appreciate your answer.

  2. Can you reach rp 100 without elite royal pass and just the upgraded pass

  3. I've worked out quick math and I found that if I complete every mission, I still won't reach RP100 😥 as of Season 7. I would have to purchase ranks

  4. I tried a recent challenges kill people from 200m tried in sniper mode didn't count, but it doesn't mention which mode you have complete it in..

  5. I'm not the type of guy to just jump out of game in classic team mode. What about your teammates? They might be trying and want your help :/

  6. About the granade, it says in 20 matches. Even if you collect 10 in a single match, it counts as one.

  7. I completed all rp mission for first week+3 daily.missions but yet I'm at rp 8 and my.friend at 10

  8. I'm in 34 and i'm stuck i'm dome with all my missions and daily mission i just do it but forever am stuck

  9. Bro help me
    Why not show rp rank in match.. I have already high rp rank but not show name in match pls bro tell me very important!

  10. I'm RP 40 without spending money or upgrading my pas and the season is ending in 4 weeks. If I get to 60 RP I can get a mini skin. Do u reackon I can get up 20 ranks in 4 weeks.

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