Showing a quick tutorial on how to find, join or create rooms/custom matches.

Download the game today available on iOS and Android.

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  1. Finally!! An english tutorial to this f** game lol i only play this mobile game for my son ..i prefer xbox…but its hard to find a video with someone who speaks english lmao 😂😂

  2. My lobby in PUBG mobile is way different than this..(I use galaxy s9+) and i cant find the room..My friends have created a room and wanted me to join but dont know how to

  3. I forgot my own custom room id in pubg mobile where do i find out ?

  4. if you leave the room empty, the room will be removed or deleted if no players are in ?

    pls reply, thank you

  5. Wtf is just easy to win on Europe server im now gold on europe because im tryingin to reach conqurer on Europe server because I want to know if they are good or pro players

  6. Through my clan training I was able to buy a room pass I don't know if it's the same as the one from the elite real past but I'm trying to use the one I bought with silver check out Clan training shop and go buy one for silver. Dismantle your clothes shoes pants face stuff hats and you'll get silver

  7. Thank you , can't believe I missed it I was looking every where for it. I figured that YouTuber and yours was the video I select it so thank you appreciate it.

  8. How long do these room last after creating? And those room card ,do rooms expires after card expires?

  9. tournament today at 9pm, stay online, id and pass will be given
    add – AladdinXXII in ur friendlist

  10. can you spot someone who's using emulator and joined custom room and way to bann him/her please it would be very helpful

  11. Does a timer start when you use the card for the first time or does the time start as soon as you get the card

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