How To Fix Fortnite Easy Anti-Cheat Error

Today’s video will show you how easily you can fix the Easy-Anti Cheat error Fortnite can give you.
Luckily this is easily fixable, all you need is a few minutes of time and you’ll be into Battle Royale again in minutes!

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  2. it doesnt say stuff like fortnite it just says game112, game 157 and stuff

  3. I accidentally deleted it because of your video but how can I download it back?

  4. u don not understand how much i love u
    thanks for the help man dropping a sub and follow

  5. When I open the anti cheat, it says ' error: copyflie failed with 32'. Any way to fix?
    Edit: I fixed but not sure how. I deleted fortnite and reinstalled it, or I think you can go to a folder that says easyanticheat and delete the file easyanticheat.sys . Then just relaunch your game, not need to restart your computer.

  6. i cant select fortnite on easy anti cheat it just says current game 217

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