Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is doing irreparable damage to your ears and there appears to be no fix in sight for the hundreds of thousands suffering from the fatigue associated with the unbalanced audio mix. But there is a temporary fix we can apply ourselves.


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  1. Here after 2 years and the pubg still didn't fixed it this is how fucked up there developers are towards the players of this game

  2. can all be done with a free piece of software from 2015 called SoundLock. It's freeware, no ads, works perfectly.

  3. 2 years later the audio is bugged that there are some parts of building where you won't listen anything

  4. The compression seems to be doing good in footstep but the gunshot sounds become less directional weighing down the positive…

  5. how do i get my surround sound back!!!!! i like the compression but i need directional 7. 1 not stereo

  6. I just came to get my banana peel, but he said I have to compress 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Can u please give a custom audio tuiner settings in mobile for pubgmobile , for reducing granade gun sound in high volume use

  8. If you are going to set the compressor to 6.0, also make sure to lower that channel's audio levels. Compressors makes the sound in general go louder, so the more you compress you should counteract that by lowering the audio level. For instance, I play at around 4.3 compression and ~ -20.0dB.

  9. I did everything you said and i have to admit it helps with recognizing where the enemies are but its hurting my ears much worse

  10. My only complaint about this is that it makes the Plane Noise 1000% louder then anything in the game… When a plane is passing above you literally cant hear anything but the plane.

    Is there a fix?

  11. stop crying in real life the gun will shatter you brain kid; complaining about the loud sounds what else ? the sun ?

  12. Snow, I have a comment that I hope you will look at.. I did this tutorial, in hope of helping my ears. But I feel your guide lacks some important information. IF you do exactly as you describe, you will actually have a higher sound level, sent to your ears, as the compression wheel (at least on my system) makes the sound space louder. I had to compensate quite much, to make the sound less loud after applying compression. Also when applying compression, in PUBG the sound quality is clearly worsened.


    this fix is so much more then better sound for me… i have a handicap thats puts my muscles under constant tension, and a jumpscare what i get from the loud sounds from pubg (good example, the loud groan you hear when getting hit) made me trigger an intense outburst of this tension making my hand make an incontrollable movement and afterwards alot of pain.. so it really hurt playing this game and the uncontrollable movements made me an easy target to get killed, now with this fix i still jump abit when i get hit but it doesnt trigger the situation i described before … meaning i can finally play this game again without feeling pain .

    and it even helps with other games aswell where i have the same problem like escape from tarkov, again thank you 😀

  14. You should state in your title if your video pertains to PC or Xbox next time so us Xbox players don't waste our time on this.

  15. they should NEVER change the audio. the audio mix is great, it's understandable that a plane or artillery or gunshots are definitely loud and footsteps in the house across the street are barely audible.

    BUT, if you want that edge, yeah, plug in an app.

  16. This game needs no fixing y’all need to stop wasting every1s 🕰 including your own. How bout making a video on every game/app/song that’s harmful to our ear

  17. wont compressing deplete our sense of how far or where the gunshots or footsteps are coming from??

  18. vb cable always messes up all my audio options and just acts like a virus. horrible application.

  19. CS:GO is the same.. I get really angry just listening to the loud sound when getting headshots.. people don't believe how much of a HEALTH issue this is for your ears. I always thought I was invincible as a kid.. unfortunately people live in their cognitive dissonance bubbles and don't want to believe anything, but I'm having slight hearing loss now and I wish so hard I would have payed attention to this (it's due to listening to music too loud). Please, protect your ears, wear earprotection when going to clubs, etc.

  20. Great Video I will try. Otherwise I've another issue with sound very distorted after the last updte, it's a mess when I run on the field and maybe hear some bomb or guns, every sound distort

  21. i cant hear virtual surround in any of my earphone. and i have realtek updated so it does have spatial. do you know how to fix this?

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