How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Won't Start

How to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Won’t Start

Suddenly the Tencent gaming buddy is not working and unable to PUBG Mobile games. Earlier in the other way, I posted a video that was working properly and unfortunately the way is not working. So that’s why I found a solution to this problem in a new way.

I hope everyone’s problems will be solved if someone is having trouble just like me.

➤ Download here:

∎ Step 1: First of all download the software from…


  1. Jisme se apne pura emulator download karte hai na jo 9 mb ka pakage installer hota hai na usme me administration ke baad kuch show nhi hota

  2. bro please answer to me hurry up bro
    because in my one i dont find any aow in procces hacker

  3. im not able to terminate aow.exe. it says access is denied even after i open process hacker as "RUN AS ADMINISTRATION". Please help me

  4. If emulater doesnt open: open task manager and kill android emulater in background process.

    If Emulater gives error about not properly closed: install process hacker…open it search "aow" kill it.

    If emulater give error about failed to initial engine: check ur wifi make sure its on….

  5. i dowonloded process hacker…. then searched aow but couldn't find anything…. i mean it's not showing aow.exe like yours…. plz help me!

  6. vaiya help,,,
    I am having a issue,,
    It is sayimg wait for download instead of play button how to fix that

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