HOW TO GET 20 KILLS IN APEX LEGENDS! (Updated Season 2 Guide for 20 Kill Badge)

In today’s video I will be showing you How to Get 20 Kills in Apex Legends! This will be an updated guide thats covers tips to help unlock the 20 kill badge. These tips will help improve high kill games. This is an updated season 2 easy 20 bomb guide, this video will help you get 20 kills in apex legends on console but ps4 to be more specific, although it should work for xbox as well! Did you enjoy the video? Consider Subscribing to Join The Champion Squad for more content!


  1. 20 Bomb with this gamepay shows how easy it it to get the badge on playstation 😀

  2. Hey do you think maybe you could help me achieve this badge? I do t have any players willing to weaken enemies that would be awesome if you would be willing to team up with me ! Anyways get it if you can’t have a great day :)!

  3. What if i don't have any friends playing?

    But i have 1 but he does never play whit me and he is my sister friend

  4. I always use wraith and close range guns , with this combo I always flank people easily and always let my team go first,or I 3rd party.

  5. I get 19 a lot and got a 20 a lot of times on my alt account just need it for my main lol. Edit: I dropped a 22 yesterday lol with octane

  6. Oh you can drop 20 bombs well my internet doesn’t even let me walk
    Edit: got better internet and now were gucci

  7. great video… to have a20 badge is awesome but to have two or three… absolutely stunning

  8. How to get 20 kills or the damage badges as Wattson '-' ???
    i got it with Pathfinder, but with Wattson it is so hard

  9. I got 18 with path and a win……. I almost destroyed my controller lol

  10. What’s easy for some is not easy for others. I get your trying to be nice and give us tips but honestly that 20 kill badge I will probably never get

  11. Make sure to level up your new Playstation account atleast to lv 20 , as you get put into lobbies full of new players when you start a new account.

  12. Love it, can’t wait till the console difference vid!!!

  13. Sultan your the smallest channel yet you give better info than any other shitty channels and Thats what I like about you. Keep it up you deserve more attention.

  14. "How to get more damage: Fully kill downed players"

    Is this actually in the game now?

  15. The only thing holding me back from this is my ping (because where I live) and not enough people in the lobby
    Always get 12 kills and not being able to fight further

  16. Man the game has gotten so sweaty it's hard to get kills. Plus it's hard to find people that will let you play like that. Lastly the game is so much fun.. However it's soooo sweaty now! Lol.

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