How to Get 4k Damage Games in Apex Legends! (5 Tips to Unlock 4k Damage Badge)

What’s up Champion Squad! Today I’ll show you how to get 4k Damage Games in Apex Legends Season 3! This video will help you unlock the 4k damage badge in apex legends with 5 tips. These tips will help get you high damage games and hopefully get you a 4000 damage game in apex! The 4k damage badge is arguably the hardest badge to unlock in apex legends, but having some knowledge and knowing how to approach the game will help you a ton. I’m playing on the xbox one but this will for sure also…


  1. It was wild! First day watching any apex tips videos, I ran a 20 kill 3600 hitpoint game. Next goal is the 4k damage. Level 187 btw ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

    Thanks Sultan ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Just got my 1st 2k today on path. I just used R-400 gun strat and pushed every team i seen. Ended up with 7 kills at the end. If you learn recoil patterns on those guns its a game changer

  3. I know this video is relatively old but, I could have gotten the 20 bomb I had 16 kills and 2 teams were stuck fighting in a house that was pushed by zone and my teammate killed all of them but one with a single grenade, but even 16 kills I only struck 2700 damage…

  4. I have the 2k on 3 legends so far
    Pathy, Wattson, and Octane

    However, I find it near impossible for me to get over 2.2k to get the other badges. Maybe Im just bad, Idk ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. The highest damage Iโ€™ve ever dealt is like 1800-1900 ish big f in the chat for me

  6. 4K damage is harder because if your teammates get them low you can just kill them

  7. Some more tips:
    Don't focus on Gibby's gunshield. Damage to his gunshield does not count towards damage done.
    Playing solo against full squads might be quite hard now SBMM is a thing. Try racking up damage with a long range weapon (a.e. G7, Longbow) so you can keep a safe distance from your opponents. Just let them heal their shields every time you damage them or let them revive eachother if you feel like you are strong enough to down or wipe them out again.

  8. 4k is harder with 20 kils you can just kil steal every one with 4k you need to play the game in place of kill stealing

  9. Bro! This video helped me out so much! As soon as I watched it, I hopped on, I got my 2.5k for Loba. I didn't even win!!

  10. The team work bage is the hardes bage ever cuz ur whole team has to get 10 10 10 kills all toghether

  11. Thx for this video I got better getting high damage games nearly got the 4k badge I had 3561

  12. I have 4k for caustic and octane (my mains) and 3k for lifeline using this guide. The thing that really helped me was you saying that my mindset should be on kills and thirsting. Thanks!

  13. On my grind to the 4k damage badge I was struggling and 1 game I got 3800 damage and I was pissed and I wanted to give up. A couple days later and I ended up getting the 4200 damage I needed to get the badge on wraith. The key is to keep trying your going to fail so many times so just keep trying.

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