How to get a Support a Creator Code on Fortnite | Simple and Easy

Hello, today in this video I told the audience how to get a support a creator code in fortnite battle royale, made by epic games, hope this video helped you guys out and if it did remember to like this video and subscribe with post notifications it would help my channel out a lot!

Thanks to Bluzro for the gameplay, go check out his channel

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  1. Yo big ups, i thought this was gonna be a minute of info and 7 minutes of crap but this was actual useful information

  2. Anyone trying to support eachother and follow eachother on Instagram so we can gain and get a code more faster ? comment if you’re down my Instagram is akafruzz !

  3. Can anyone sub to me cuz i realy need 1k sub so i can get supporter code pls

  4. When you’re following 7k people on Instagram with only 800 followers 😐

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