How to Get a Support-A-Creator Code ON Fortnite

How to get a Support a Creator Code. Fortnite Guide to get your very own support a creator code in Fortnite 2019.

Login to epic games:

Apply for Creator Code:


  1. What if I forget my epic password and I deleted that email so I cant get 2fa or tell them my password

  2. If we don't make any money does that means that we don't need to pay any takses

  3. I love how for 5 mins he explained how he KNEW how to but did actually say how to. This vid could be less than 5 mins fr

  4. Brooo I only have 2fa on my mobile acc and not my acc that I want the creator code on 💀

  5. at like 124 follows on my twitch its in site but honestly i just want it so i can do the private battle royal thing

  6. So you needed 12 minutes to tell us how to get the code. Hell no I ain't got time for that

  7. Do u have to have email access to the email that’s connected with your epic acc

  8. do you ONLY have to pay the taxes of what YOU MAKE? for example, if I make 10 dollars, and the tax is 1 dollar 30 cents, I just lose the amount of money from what I earned? Do I still have to pay the tax of what I make if I don't make any money?

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