FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE AIM ASSIST!!!! Seriously, mouse and keyboard is probably the most accurate if you don’t have some form of aim assist!!!! Now take the risk, it’s a game…plug in your Xbox 1, 360, or Ps4 controller and give it a try!!!!!

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  1. When the lynx and a valentines weapon skin are in the thumbnail of a video uploaded a year ago

  2. Well forgot to say how to turn the aim assist on…you just talk about how you like it

  3. this is fake, you can see the way his camera moves he is on console. click-bait

  4. I use aim assist on pc by plugging my mouse keyboard in PS4 that’s cool!,!

  5. To get aim assist on pc, you need a console, and something like gamesir keypads or something for console, for example the Gamesir VX. And then plug that to the console, then you will have mouse and keyboard with aim-assist.

    Edit: But you cant play on the pc, you will have mouse and keyboard with aim-assist but on console.

  6. PWN hub ur trash didn’t even talk about getting aim assist on pc seriously dude. Ur flipping video was STILL over console. And y u playing on ps4

  7. Ima small yt channel but i would appreciate it if u check me out 🙏

  8. I love your accent bro
    I'd love to play with you
    My fortnite name: Conqueror德雷克斯
    I will add you!

  9. Looking at all the comments and other videos I watch I still feel like PC has a better advantage than console players and people using controllers on PC controller players are only using their thumbs vs wrist or a whole arm movement

  10. I came here here looking for pussy what is this

    I mean cause it’s called pwn hyb

  11. PC players dont need Aim Assist They have full control of what they do.

  12. sup PWN HUB im using a chinese xbox controller but i dont have aim assist ….i have it on

    do you know any fix for having it back or does it not work because of my high ping

    pls respond

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