How to get backpack and helmet Skins in PUBG MOBILE

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  1. Also the Offcial Channel? What the heck?! This tutorial just want you to bought UC and get that skins?! The heck PUBG Creators .

  2. Two legends item u can get from soldier create and one from redeem option (that 850 frag coat)

  3. I have 3 skin
    Helmet level 3: 2 skin
    Gun akm: 1 skin
    No uc
    I got akm on crate using crate ticket
    I got helmet on crate with crate ticket
    I got 2 legend outfit on crate with crate ticket
    I got helmet on geting 2 lengend outfit
    This is how to get skins without uc cash on pubg mobile

  4. It actually works I don't watch this video before but when I updated my pubg on season 6 I got a free helmet it might be a mistake and I might do this things in mistake

  5. I already have the helmet skin but I don't have the backpack skin btw love ur video I subbed

  6. PUBG LISTEN. For the Bag Skin we need Legendary Outfits but whenever I open crates you guys give me fking shoes all the time.

  7. My level is 50 still they not givin me the legendary item 2…☹️☹️😭😭😭😫😫☹️☹️😭😭

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