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These are 10 of the best tips on how to get better at apex legends. It takes a lot to become a good apex legends player, but these tips and tricks should get you trending in the right direction of where you want to be in the future. Getting better at apex legends also takes a lot of practice and doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to play consistently to get better… just like anything in life that you want to succeed at.

These tips will help…


  1. I've been playing for 2 weeks and I play like a tryhard.I think it's because I play other shooters for more than two years. Thank you Fortnite,COD and GTA (GTA is not exactly a shooter but still I tend to shoot a lot in it)

  2. best tip is definitely analysis on mistakes it’s amazing how much a difference it makes bc you start to develop a habit of good things once you hold yourself accountable for mistakes

  3. Anyone tryna squad up I stopped playin for a bit and my squad went on to play semi pro and left me in the dust

  4. If i have max 15 FPS what should i do when i improved them in settings and co fig?

  5. I’d say teamwork, positioning, and ring management are key. Lost too many fights due that one teammate that wants to run off, only to cause 1v3s. And better players are ALWAYS seeking the ring advantage and high ground. I’ve played tons where we’ve lost due to being in bad position

  6. Most of the time, just crouching while shooting, go on hipfire and move around. Doing this will fuck up your opponent's focus on you. But so many of your tips are based are for having a full squad with good team mates. In pub matches, I ALWAYS get potatos and it SUCKS.

  7. Your tips aren't always technical tips but they are great advices that falls through the cracks. Much needed 🙂 great video again

  8. Here's another tip that you would think is a no-brainer but I feel is necessary to point out (especially for my random teammates):

    Nothing pisses me off more than a lifeline that won't drop her health drone or a caustic who won't drop his traps or a Gibraltar who won't drop his dome shield

  9. 3:07 didn't even take the purple knockdown cuz he's confident he will not fall hahha

  10. I dunno why I watching this cause I just uninstalled the apex. I hate this game now, it’s soo dang hard now and controlling recoil is a chore. I don’t even understand how y’all control recoil at meduim range with that red dot.

    SBMM is a bunch of garbage too, I was getting melted in most of my games. I ain’t even decent at this game. I just done

  11. Also do you have any tips when it's like last 2/3 squads in like round 5 because I play with my friend (I go wattson he goes caustic) and we keep coming 2nd or 3rd

  12. Another tip for noobs in particular find the right legend because there is no point in trying to get good with a legend you don't like to play as.

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