How to GET BETTER at Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 FAST | How to Improve at Fortnite Season 4 GUIDE

Here, I go over how to get better at Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 fast, or how to get better at Fortnite in Season 4 Chapter 2, and how to improve at Fortnite …


  1. can someone pls freinnd me im not in a clan or i have no friends too so pls my epic is sxmuel4

  2. I only switched to pc because mobile is banned, everyone is a sweat and I’m the most garbage player

  3. Good video, but the reason I do better in creative 1v1 maps is because if I get killed I can just respawn but in an actual match you cant just respawn but thx any ways 🙂

  4. i need help getting arena points and just getting more game sense
    Epic: ZeroAxisYT
    I play NAE

  5. It’s honestly sad to see how the game has turned to shit and everybody is quitting, fortnite will keep dying until the old map is back.

  6. I remember watching you in season X and you helped me get my challenges because your vids. Thanks man

  7. All of you guys should do this Ive been doing this 24/7. Im more calm in endgames now, and I think I have aimbot now lol.

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