How To GET BETTER in Apex Legends Season 4! (3 Ways to Improve Quickly on Console)

In today’s video I’ll be showing you How To GET BETTER in Apex Legends Season 4! These 3 ways will help you to improve quickly on console. Instead of in game tips, this video will focus on more physical attributes and setup equipment to help you take your skill to the next level. Applying these tips will help you get better at apex legends on console for season 4 quickly! Did you enjoy the video? Consider Subscribing to Join The Champion Squad for more content!

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  1. This video is sponsored by BenQ! (Even though I've always used a BenQ Monitor) All other products are things I use but don't sponsor me in anyway shape or form!

  2. I used to hate g7 scouts but now I love them im already good with out the double tap trigger but when I have it on i become godly

  3. 1. Don’t solo rush
    2.Dont be a little loot goblin and leave the team for loot
    3. Don’t spam pings
    Congrats! Now people hate you less

  4. How to get better : be wealthy, if you’re poor you’ll always be a bot.

  5. Yeah im not going to be a saddo and buy shut just to get good at a fucking game

  6. How do you use a stand mic on ps4, I want one for Xbox but none say they work and the turtle beach stream mic is shit so idk dude

  7. See my problem is that i live in South Africa and my ping is ass and i know for a fact that is i had better ping i would be better but yeah it is what it is 😉but this also really did help so thnx

  8. god watching console vs pc for player movement is just hilarious everything on console just look like they basic strafe.

  9. Holy shit, after watching this, the thing with posture and everything I literally won the next game I played as the kill leader

  10. Okay I have all of these and I still cant climb out of platinum solo

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