HOW TO GET FREE GOLD SKINS *NOW* in FORTNITE! – Chapter 2 Battle Pass Skins in Battle Royale!

How to get free gold skins now in Fortnite! Featuring Chapter 2 battle pass skins and their gold styles in Battle Royale, especially the level 100 skin Midas! We cover all of the skins and backbling in this tutorial and how to unlock them. We also discuss Maya the fully customizable skin and how exactly that works/if it’s permanently locked once you pick a style. As for the gameplay it’s mainly some Box PVP so enjoy!

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  1. And me please I’ve me a health sexy I want to kid show me ossicles complete on my missions on the battle pass

  2. "1:43 "
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    I quite agree with the v.6. 24 some had it 94x tries, with maximum success

  3. What a babbling idiot. It doesn't take 11 minutes to explain this.

    Golden Midas: lvl 100

    Golden Brutus: lvl 140

    Golden Meowscles: lvl 180

    Golden TNTina: lvl 220

    Golden Skye: lvl 260

    Golden Peely: lvl 300

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