How To Get Into BOT LOBBIES V2! In Fortnite Chapter 2 "BEST GLITCH!" (PC/PS4/XBOX)

How To Get Into BOT LOBBIES V2! In Fortnite Chapter 2 “BEST GLITCH!” (PC/PS4/XBOX) Hey guys this version 2 of how to get into 100% bot lobbies and works on all platforms, pc , ps4, xbox one and switch. The is the best glitch to get into a bot lobby in chapter 2 season 2. How to get on bot lobbies steps and in game proof to show you this bot glitch works. Like and subscribe for more.


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  1. hey ice flint if u dont remember me i was watching your streams in season 8 and my name was Eyad Xbox

  2. Great video! But i don't have a phone compatible with the game original a switch or pc (only ps4) it's posible play bot lobby only with ps4? Like split screen?

  3. Looks like a good video but I don't feel like downloading an entire 8 gig game on my phone just to play bot lobbies on ps4 good video tho

  4. Finally a way that works!!!
    Thank you for using such a good method and I wish well for the future of your channel 👍

  5. HOLY 350 views that more views than subs I have 😂

    Also yes ice I have not fell asleep since we played 🤣

  6. Hehe Last video I was like a day late but now I'm a second late! Liked Already, gonna be a banger!🔥🔥🔥

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