How to Get MORE Kills and WIN!! | PUBG Mobile (Tips and Tricks)

“PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks – PUBG Mobile How to Get Kills – PUBG Mobile How to Win Tips (Gameplay iOS Android PC) PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Mobile (Max/Ultra Graphics) Battle Royale on Mobile (PUBG Mobile Game Tips) Best Settings”


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  1. Going through some tough times now. 😔

    Hopefully you didn’t notice any difference in my voice this video. It’s pretty difficult making videos right now but I’m pushing through. I really hope you enjoy this one. I spent many hours perfecting it!

  2. I feel like the games that I are in are npcs, I win every game, and kill whoever I see. The only problem is, I can’t really find that many people.

  3. i’m good at killing people i just can’t seem to find people because the maps so big i only usually get 5-17 kills each game 🙁

  4. Last season I never lost one game, the only thing is, I played solo vs squads and i never can get more kills than 15/16 that sucks

  5. I'm sick of videos claiming to tell you how to win and not living up to the hype. This wasn't that. This is the first video that actually extremely helpful and explained step by step how to be, at least, a decent pubg player. Thank you so much for taking the time to share THE winning strategy.

  6. Not to boast but this video made me a beast at pubg. I think I’m really good. I average at least 8 or more kills a game. I was ok at the beginning. 2 maybe 3 kills a game. Now, I challenge anybody to fight me.

  7. im really good play with 4 claw but i cant not find much people so Everytime i have like 6 kills or 11😂

  8. I win almost every game I play but I only get 12 kills about each games and I land with like 3 people then I just run around and I get most of my kills in the final top 10

  9. Hey exxotik, I love your vids and they have helped me up my pubgm gameplay experience. I thank you for that. But to what I was asking, would it be possible for you to give my channel a shout out? It's really small and I dont upload as much as I want to but that because of reasons if you get what I mean. Maybe check it out yourself. It is call Headshot God fyi. But I really would appreciate if you did that. Thank you!

  10. Hey Exxotikk I love all your videos and I am a fan of you and I feel you’re a superstar so please I want to play PUBG MOBILE with you bro please I will be very happy if you play with me… please play with me and if yes then my name in PUBG is YOLLAdWAARIOR

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