How to get NO RECOIL without GYRO in PUBG Mobile!! | NO HACKS

Ever wondered how to get no recoil in PUBG Mobile without gyro? Yes? Well this is the perfect PUBGM tips and tricks video for perfecting your recoil sprays!! NO HACKS NEEDED!!




  1. Highly requested video, finally got around to doing it. Keep in mind this is how I control recoil, plenty different ways people do it. Hope you guys enjoyed! 💙

  2. Real dumb question would this be easier to play while phone is on a stand? Sorry just found this video

  3. I can't do a 360 😟😠 I mean literally I can do a 180 with high sensi.. what to do?
    Edit : I use ipad pro 3 11 inch and play six fingers.. I use my thumb to control recoil.. any tips ?

  4. Lol u can spray mid and long range better using gyro especially fast moving car, learn gyro and ur gameplay will be 2x better trust me

  5. Cant take a screenshot of your ads sensitivities because of light reflection on your phone screen.Please help

  6. Pliz do upload a video about your audio/sound settings i think i didn't find that here… Hope you upload really soon

  7. Are you keeping your phone on a table or bed and playing…..If yes how are you using gyro🙄

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