HOW TO GET STORMTROOPER SKIN for FREE in Fortnite! Imperial Star Wars Skin in Battle Royale!

How to get stormtrooper skin for free in Fortnite! Aka the imperial stormtrooper skin from Star Wars is here in Battle Royale and this is how to get it for free from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! A new star wars event has just begun in Fortnite and some interesting stuff is happening. We also discuss the razor skin from battle breakers a bit, but mostly cover the update info surrounding this skin. Be sure to subscribe for more chapter 2 videos soon!

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  1. The fuck am I supposed to do if I have fallen order with no online, comments please help

  2. Is there a way i can get it on ps4 with epic games pls help thx

  3. Is there a way to do this for console I planned on getting the game anyways but I'm on console and want the skin as aell

  4. You’re talking to much and you’re not making any sense 🤣

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