HOW TO GET THE SECRET SKIN in Fortnite CHAPTER 2! New Battle Pass Update in Battle Royale!

How to get the secret skin in Fortnite Chapter 2/Season 11! This is the secret mystery item within the battle pass and you complete it through an interesting challenge that I show you! We also discuss other skins in the battle pass and how to unlock their styles through other challenges, and of course the tier 100 skin Fusion. This season includes all the info so far about this secret skin. Be sure to subscribe for more Chapter 2 videos!

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  2. Holy shit 10 minutes of you talking about everything under the sun in a video with a very specific title. get to the point and stay on topic! I wont be watching any more of your videos.

  3. Throws the challenge list on the screen when hes missing all of his shots 🤣

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