How To Get UNLIMITED Spins At The Lucky Wheel In GTA 5 Online! (UPDATED 2020) [Win Every Time]

How To Get UNLIMITED Spins At The Lucky Wheel In GTA 5 Online! (UPDATED 2020) [Win Every Time]
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How To Win The Podium Car/Vehicle Every Time:

In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – I’ll be showing you an UPDATED 2020 method on how to get UNLIMITED spins at the Lucky Wheels in GTA 5 Online to win the car, vehicles and MORE!

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  1. 6:20 I’ve never seen that launch screen before 😮

    Edit: probs because I’m on the box

  2. What happens if u have already spun it that day can u get another wheel spin

  3. Just letting PC players know that they can just quit the application by pressing alt + F4

  4. Now you'll have to end task when the wheel about to stop, I've tried it. It will save immediately if the wheel stopped

  5. Does every apin save tho? Like if you win money and you do the trick and cone back online will the money still be there?

  6. I think its patch because im going spinning the wheel and restarting the game and its saying u can only spin once come again tomorrow

  7. If you want to get the car in casino everytime:when your character touches the wheel you wait 4sec then left and down slowly for ps4 and I've got all the cars

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