How to get unreleased (ALL) skins in Fortnite Battle Royale – Data Mine Tutorial – Galaxy Skin

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to data mine in Fortnite Battle Royale to get any skin completely free! This also allows you to unlock the Galaxy skin everyone wants!

HxD :

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  1. Please help because they decoded the text and I can't find my skins,therefor I can't get new skins using HXD?

  2. You know how gifting works when if comes u can vita skin for someone else. What is toy code that skin to something else for example: Omen is the shop and you code it and then it appears that skull trooper is on the shop with the same price. Will u gift that instead of omen to someone else?

  3. anyway to transfer it over to console once you have the skin??

  4. Dude it just deletes my skin when it loads up and nothing is their plz help me

  5. So I did this and it works but it only shows in lobby, do you know how to make it work in actual matches?

  6. when i type sunstrider it doesnt show, ;lz help! and i subbed and liked

  7. Hi, I tried it, but the skin didnt switch and when I went back into the hxd files it was the same as it was before I switched them. Any ideas?

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