HOW TO GET YOUR FORTNITE ACCOUNT BACK (Fortnite Account Recovery Guide 2020)


  1. I unlinked my epic games account from my Xbox account and lost all my skins and dont know my epic games info😪

  2. Question what if you get it back and then the person who hacked it does the same process

  3. BRO PLZ IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME ILL GIVE YOU 25 dollar vbuxs but I need help bc I unlinked my acc for accident and idk how to get it back

  4. Ok so basically I wanted to change my name of my epic username and I had to log out of my account out of my Xbox and I tried to sign back in my linking my Xbox account to my epic account then I linked it as a new account so it basically reset my account but my original one still exists how do I retrieve it

  5. yo the problem is that im logged into epic games but when i come into fucknight i call that now it says enter email and pass!!!!and it doesnt work

  6. They said 1. Email address associated with your Epic Games account
    2. Current Epic Games account display name
    3. First and last names of Epic Games account holder
    4. External account currently connected to your Epic Games account, if applicable.
    –This includes Google, Facebook, Twitch, PSN, Xbox, and Switch accounts.
    –Include the platform AND display name of any external accounts.

    Once you provide the requested information, we'll be happy to assist you. But i dont remember my first and last name on epic and what step 4 means like my email that i get emails on?

  7. I was trying to switch things to play on I forgot my password and the new ones don’t work ㅑㅡ ㄴㅁㅇ

  8. @Anber if I get my account back I will use your code also it would be much appreciated if you could reply and help me further regarding my scenario b/c it’s a little different

  9. What do I do if I font know the actual email password since my hacker changed it

  10. Bruh i ess legit using my credit card on 2 accs and my acc is permanently inactive

  11. Gùys i want help asap my acc hasy dads credit card and i he changedy email please help me

  12. My sister owed me money I used her card and she filled payment fraud and my account got diasabled can you please tell me what to do

  13. I sended them a email and they only activated my Epic Games account but my account is still banned from Fortnite I changed the Hex Files with HxD do someone know what I should send them to get unbanned because I have send them already some mails but never a good respons

  14. Can i get my account back if i haven’t played more then 3 months? Because epic games deleted my account or i don’t know I put my info in it did not work 🙁

  15. I was gonna play Fortnite and because I’m stupid it said failed to connect it had a little button that said log out so I pressed it thinking it was try again I used a fake email and can’t remember my password helppp

  16. What if my email address is the email address that my old acc had??

  17. I forgot my password to my old acc that I want to get back 😢

  18. In 2018 I had 2 accounts 1 epic and one ps4 and I had blue team leader on PS4 account but then I linked my epic and ps4 and I have epic account skins on ps4 but don’t have ps4 skins on epic account can I recover my ps4 account with blue team leader?

  19. "We sent an email to the address on your Epic Games account to confirm your request. Once you confirm your email and reply, we can make the changes you requested to your account." Where can i confirm it?

  20. Lost 2fA codes, I’m just starting the video hopefully I can look back onto this saying I have it

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