How To Go Faster – GTA Fact-Finding #6

How to go faster in GTA Online! This video explains all the ways you can push your vehicle to the limits of speed in GTA, including kerb boosting, the mid-drive speed boost, los santos customs upgrades, bike wheelies, and more! The definitive guide to going quicker in GTA.
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  1. Painted my car black so it could run faster. Not really working tho the cops keep shooting at me🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Double clutching may be a bad term but atleast i dont sound like a nerd when i explain it to my friends

  3. I feel like an updated version is due, unless I'm stupid and one has already been released

  4. My car can be the fastest car in the game, but that doesn’t matter becuse my jet is faster.

  5. I used to do playlist with my friends and one guy that is a prick and well… Mr.prick constantly brags about his big 40 playlist streak when he uses all the cheats in the book, like hitting the sides of the tracks, the handbrake thingie, all of em. No one else does and well ya know if anyone else ever wins a playlist he usually rage quits. Hes just a dick tbh….

    Oh and eamonn if u see this and rat on me, your a little bitch

  6. Your hella dumb it is Called double Clutch because in real life u can do that by hitting yr Gears right but obviously u don’t Own a Car 😂💀.

  7. For the longest time I kept hearing "terrible" instead of turbo. I better freshen up on the English accents lol

  8. ive always felt that the engine and transmission upgrades should also work on better top speed . but the only upgrade bar progress shown is always acceleration

  9. On the spoilers, I believe there is a difference. Now, whether or not it's factual or psycho schematic, I'm not sure. But, for instance, playing as Franklin, I feel I get more traction in the corners with the bigger spoiler on his car. Vs a higher top speed using the drag spoiler. Again, I have no science for this. However, I watched a video of a couple of roleplayers on 5M driving their elegy retros down the freeway, and though they had the same upgrades, one was faster, the other cornered better, and the only difference was their spoilers. Granted, this was 5M, but the difference was very noticeable.

  10. Double Clutching came from the first Fast and the Furious… then Need for speed added it to their underground games where you double tap the gas and it does it.

  11. whats that orange car? i know this video is old but it looks cool.

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