How to: GTA V Free + FiveM Setup Guide | Epic Games

GTA:V is free on the Epic Games store! This video shows you how to get it for free, and how to set up the FiveM mod with your new copy of the game!

Fix the SteamID error, here:

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  1. i keep getting the below error does anyone know how to fix

    could not get entitlement block from the social club.error code: notallowed?titleaccesstoken

  2. i only have epic, when clicking launch it changes to running for 5secs then changes back to launch, how do i fix this? thanks

  3. Helloo! it says i have to be using my steam to play? but why if i have it on epic games?

  4. I followed every step but when i open it it gives me a very weird screen of the somewhere random of the game how to fix it? Im on win 8.1

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