How to hack Fortnite mobile and get 60FPS for iOS devices (2019 no pc)

Link for downgrading your iOS –
This worked for me on my iPad 6th gen and has not gotten me a ban


  1. It said until this developer has been trusted their enterprise apps will not be available for use

  2. What happens if there is nothing in the folders or there’s no folders at all ?

  3. I open the app it lets me see things in folder for about 2 secs longest about 5 and then asks to verify then after that doesnt let me see anything

  4. Ok everything worked but it just wondering if is it gonna still say the 30 and 20 FPS in settings or will there be a real option for 60 FPS or will I use 30 and it will act like 60 ?

  5. Tweak box is an illegal app therefore downloading it can get u jailed or fined

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