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*this is the way to get all the casino heist hacks 100% coorect!*

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  1. I’m pissed you have 77,000 views but only a couple subs guys if your gonna watch someone’s videos and they help drop a like and sub so he can get something out of it too also if you did say like if this video does help you out please subscribe you’ll get some more subs fast but your definitely close to getting monetized you just need that 1k subs keep grinding

  2. Ok so the dots one you have 5 patterns that blink in front of you. The last one/the fifth one blinks twice. You need to copy that one only to get the hack correct. Hope I helped you guys out

  3. Dots takes too much time. Fingerprint is easy. Don't know why anyone would not just do prep for security pass it's so much easier than wasting time taking photos etc esp when security pass level 2 is one of the easiest prep missions for heist

  4. You could just get good at having good memory with the dot hack, that’s easy to remember, it’s 6 dots, make a pattern in your head then repeat that pattern and it will unlock and the finger prints are easier, theirs only a set amount of them so if ya memorize all those set finger prints which is about 5 then your good

  5. Or get level 2 keycards, this works for all doors except vault doors

  6. So me and my crew did the Big Con method and we made it to the vault silently giving us loads of time,but we couldn’t figure out how to hack so we only made it out with 800k which sucks.

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