How To Hit MORE Shots! Fortnite Shotgun Tips

Improve Your Shotgun Aim To PRO Level! Best Ways To Practice


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Aiming in Fortnite with shotguns is one of the most important skills to have. Hopefully, this guide can help give you some tips for improving your aim and hitting more shots.

Deadzone Video:

How To Win Solo:

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  1. Liked the part about using your pickaxe to help improve your aim. I didn’t realize the connection when I changed my settings after watching one of your other videos. I however did notice how much easier it was to consistently hit the circle when loading up on mats, after changing my settings.

  2. Can you help me🥺 I have played fortnite for a while but I never getting better!

  3. Exo 8 ena to kamo 9-10 to pio pithanon 9 gia na koutsio kala ena valo sensitivity 40 40. 40. 40. Gia na koutsio pale kala tsie na xtizo sinexia sosta xoris lathos tsie ena kamo tsie kolpa tsie ena kamo 50 53 gia na kamo tertols a ena an then ine kala 40. 40. 40. 40. Ena kamo 45. 45. 45. 45. Tsie ena eime telios ena ta kamo oula sosta tsie ena koutsio

  4. I need this because I now play on pc and I am not horrible but I want to be better

  5. pc. player how to get better aim

    controller player. low sens

  6. i play on controller and my pc friends make fun of me cause they say i should have the best aim ):

  7. In the beginning, the creative match, what was the code for that it looks fun

  8. I’ve watched so many of your tips videos I might as well subscribe

  9. I'm good at building and editing but I can't aim for shit.. I miss all my shots.

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