How to install Addon Cars!!! (Mod Tutorials) Gta 5 PC

For 124ClothingStore: How to install Addon Cars!!! (Mod Tutorials) Gta 5 PC

Links (from video):

2019 BMW X6:

1987 Buick GNX:

Script Hook V:

Script Hook V .NET:


Simple Trainer menu:

How to Install Open IV (video):

How to Install Menyoo (video):

How to Install Map Editor (video):…


  1. Bro plz tell that it will surely work because i crashed my game 2 times although i have followed all the steps and my game is pirated and it is of 60.5 gb plz tell that it will work

  2. Bro I downloaded some of add on cars then my game suddenly crashes on loading screen. Any solution for that?

  3. I follow all the readme instruction, when i input the car model in menyoo it said invalid model pls help

  4. I cant get the update folder into my mods folder? I did all the steps and I never received the red banner

  5. thx for the tutorial bro but after I added my first addon car the next ones when I enter them down in the corner it shows only , and the class of the vehicle. can you tell me how to fix it if you know?

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