Mod by PeterTheHacker ,Barak101 & OkaymanXXI & evilmaginakuma , Method, Julionib

OpenIV ►

Savitar CW ►

Reverse Flash New 52 ►

CW Black Flash ►

CW Kid Flash…


  1. Hey I rlly don't wanna screw this up, so I have a question before I attempt it. So thx to u I installed this mod, but now I wanna uninstall it so I can test other mods. (don't wanna have too many installed at once). So to uninstall, would I just literally reverse everything I did? Like for the peds, or even mod menu. But just the script, should I just do somewhat of the opposite?

  2. I'm starting to think u cant do this on ps4 is there any way to get a flash mod on ps4

  3. Literally the worst YouTuber ever you don’t even reply to your subs who needs help and also the things you said to do broke my game

  4. how do you activate powers?! I have CWTheFlash2014.. but doesnt say how to activate powers

  5. Watching this in 2020 it worked at first when I downloaded the script but control N dosent work to open it anymore

  6. Thanks for the good video. I spent all my weekend downloading and installing this game and the mods. I did everything exactly like you said but when i press ctrl+n the menu doesn't pop up?
    Thanks in advance for helping 🙂

  7. the costumes dont work for me, I went to the flash menu and clicked a suit, everything except the suit worked, so i went to ped menu and clicked blackflash and it said "Error: (Blackflash) was not found on peds.rpf but its in the rpf and the addonpeds editor, please help

  8. Hi That Game Tamer, I installed everything, the skin works, but the fast run isn't working, I just run normally, any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  9. It's highly likely that u will not respond to this, but my game keeps crashing, any help?

  10. it crashed when i joingta 5 i did everything i wasted 1 hour for this 🙁

  11. hey , i'm unable to choose any skin , it says login to patreon and opens up a browser and the webpage doesn't load

  12. how do i get these mods on xbox one i llove the flash and i wanna get one on xbox so i can play it on gta v

  13. Are you kidding me I just bought it and installed it and it’s crashing it’s the only mod I havee I verified the files reinstalled the game and deleted all the files before and reinstalled open og and everything I restarted my pc and tried again I mean a clean drive wtf bro

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