How to install OPEN IV!!! (2020) GTA 5 MODS

How to install OPEN IV!!! (2020) GTA 5 MODS

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  1. when it drag the files into openiv it doesnt dropv the files in to openiv it just doesnt work

  2. Omg nice thank you !!!! It works

    Könnt ihr eigentlich Deutsch? Hehe

  3. Dude,I just changed something in my program files (x86) due to ur tutorial,big dislike

  4. when i try to browse my files to get it to the gta v main directory on open iv it says theyve ran into a problem and open iv needs to restart and its kept doing this. is there anything i can do?

  5. I dont have a GTA file since I downloaded through Epic Games

  6. Just need to say it, you can't change the directory for OpenIV it has to be in the appdata folder 🙂

  7. I dont know why but the setup file wont open, i've tried adding it to exclusion file too..plzz help

  8. you are a fucking genious man you are really good explaining,like and suscribe

  9. It still does not work for mee please hellpppp:< i follow every stepss but it still the sameee

  10. You are awesome Liking and subscribing . I hope you get really far with your merch and your channel

  11. Any help please? When I clicked on programs x86 then I clicked it, then it only shows social club only I got it from rockstar btw if thered a solution thanks!

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